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I think I’m slowly experiencing what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening. For me, the experience is marked by (1) seeing through the cultural matrix around us, and (2) a growing compassion for all living beings.


If I try to trace its origins, I might begin around 2012 or 2013 when I meditated for the first time. For a few years I meditated infrequently — maybe a couple times a week or maybe never for a few months. I never sat for more than 20 minutes.


That’s all it took to get introduced to my mind.


When I spent six weeks hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014, I became aware of my monkey mind. Being alone and walking day after day introduced me to the scattered, repetitive, and largely unhelpful river of thoughts flowing through my mind.


In an effort to better understand my self and my mind, I attended a 10-day vipassana silent meditation retreat while traveling in Argentina. There I experienced my own chi, or life energy, for the first time.


Just a couple weeks later I attended a week-long ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon jungle outside of Iquitos, Peru. It was my first psychedelic experience and opened further the doors of perception.

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